Who We Are

Located in an area with excellent trading opportunities, we provide a range of services to clients. The main commitment we make to our clients is to reduce the risk of international business, and we will handle everything from transportation and insurance to logistics to foreign-currency payments.

As our management and advisers have good knowledge of international trading laws and regulations, we can absorb the risk of international business. We are always able to offer our overseas buyers the most creative and desirable financing options available, money which is not available directly from the manufacturer or any other trading company. Using multilingual staff experienced in cultural differences and business negotiation styles, they can present their clients' companies and products accurately, and never allow their products to be misrepresented by accident.

We can take orders from potential buyers. We are able to arrange for them exactly what they want, even if it's not in our product line. At the end of the process, the cargo can be sent anywhere in the world.




Our Vision

By being a professional trading company, we will attract the best talent, and be the trading company of choice for our clients, principals, and investors.

Our Mission

As a premier trading company providing quality services, we aim to be a true agent of development. Based on our clients and values, we strive to pursue the truth and knowledge guided by the best-trained professional staff in their field of expertise.

Our challenge is to motivate others to carry out responsibilities which require professionalism, creativity, and flexibility to achieve their ultimate goal. By committing to excellence in discovery, learning, and service, we as a thriving instituion of trading help develop skilled, creative and socially responsible leaders.

Our mission is to enable others to become change agents and a constellation of manufacturers that do business in a globally competitive financial environment.